Apr 9, 2009

Sit Right Back And You'll Hear A Tale........

Ah, the days of the three hour tours. How simple life use to be when you and a loved one could hit the open seas for a few hours leaving your troubles behind. Cleansing your soul on the waves was all most a true return to something pure. Moreover, as time marched on we wanted to extend our time on the open waters. Enter in the weeklong cruise. That great escape filled with buffets, night shows, and non-open bars have redefined the term all-inclusive. (Yep, everything but the one item we really want.) Peaceful rocking of the high seas, wind in your hair, and the occasional docking in exotic lands like Mexico makes a cruise the floating therapy that many seek.

However, lying in the darkness is a whole other version of the open sea. Motion sickness, over priced booze, poor service, lousy entertainment, vessels sinking, small rooms, substandard medical staff, dangerous ports, airfare, and of course pirates are all things that seem to be plaguing the water travel industry. The last one has me very concerned. See the United States has a very clear policy on terrorists. Nevertheless, what about pirates? Do we negotiate with pirates? Do we submit to their demands of eye patches and gold? The sea has a law of its own and as a traveler; you have to take a certain responsibility for that. Therefore, my advice is to travel on only Disney ships. Why? If Mickey Mouse gets captured this country will send out the Marines to get those people back cannot let an icon go down with the ship.

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