Apr 21, 2009

Taking The Heat

Weather is something that no one can control. The wind blows when it wants, the rain falls, and the sun shines all without influence of the modern man. As the sun rises and sets every day it is a crap shoot as to what the sky's will bring. Well that applies to almost every where in America except one little place, Arizona. Its hot. Every day the sun shines, minus the occasional rainy day, with temps reaching 80 to 110. And rumor has it that this blistering triple digit weather will start today. Seriously? Its April for the love of the resurrection. Now I take a certain amount of responsibility for living here. I accept that the summer is a little hot. I accept that the winter does not require me to shovel snow. I do not have to accept the fact that the spring flowers are going to start bursting into flames. If the future has Phoenix reaching 100 degrees prior to Easter I may have to shovel snow for the rest of my life. As I have always said, you can add layers of clothes, skin just will not come off that easily.

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