Apr 19, 2009

Carbon Foot Print Up Your......

I'm sure you've all seen at least one. That ridiculous SUV with the rear window plastered in stickers of a mother and father, five or six kids ranging in size from teen to little baby, and a couple of pets of various species. This mobile advertisement for stem cell research and vasectomies has me a little upset. Everyday I have to take steps to save my planet. I have attempted to make my carbon foot print a size four rather than the bulky twenty-two it has been for so many years. I drink water from reusable containers, recycle cardboard and cans, and just all around do what ever to keep the mess down for the future. My car gets good gas mileage, has low emissions, and is sort of tiny. And I never brush my teeth with the water running (anymore). So you may understand my slight frustration when the Swiss family waste comes shooting by at a high gas burning rate of speed to cut me off in traffic. But their mass F U to the planet doesn't stop at the urban bus they drive, oh no. Add in a few dozen mouths to feed on top of it and you have the perfect answer to my efforts to make the world a little greener. I know, why don't you just throw full diapers out at Wal-Mart and it will put an exclamation point on the crap sandwich your trying to feed me. But wait, you all ready do that don't you.

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