Apr 23, 2009

The Anchor of Our Past Is Bringing Down the Ship

After reading the current headlines on a certain news website I found myself asking, "what year is it?" It seems that the current state of affairs has forced us into the past. With mention of the Nazis, Star Trek, and layoffs related to a recession it seems like the past is coming back with a vengeance. Why? How did a country with such great minds end up staying in neutral? Science and man have all but given up on exploring ways to keep us on top. The writing has always been on the wall that America needed to keep moving forward to stay ahead. But instead of keeping up with the times we watched must see TV. The protecting of the environment has taken center stage while the protection of mankind has been reduced to a stimulus package. Any great historian will tell you the best benefit of the past is to learn from it so the future will be without the same mistakes. Yet we have learned nothing. I know that no one in Washington wants to make the following statement, but I'm not in Washington. We are in a Great Depression part II during War time and the movies are all repeats. America is still a great leader and the current direction of leadership is right to the bottom of the sea.

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