Apr 10, 2009

French Tips and WIC Cheese

I am going to open this post up for discussion to all the readers of the world. After a very recent visit to a local grocery store I came across a very interesting sight. There was this very young couple in front of me checking out and they had the following items: milk, cereal, cheese, pop, snacks, some sort of meat product, and a house hold cleaner. The lady had a coach purse, rather large in size, and a set of very professional french tips on her small little hands. They were both very well dressed, neat as it were. After paying for their goods with their WIC money, the young man applied one of his fifties toward the balance. He shouldn't miss it, there was plenty in his money clip. As they left the market, they reached their 2006 four door Toyota truck and climbed inside. The climb was a little difficult with the twenty plus inch rims.

Now does anyone else have a problem with the above scenario? I know that I'm not very intelligent or even a literary genius, but I may be able to spot the five things wrong with this picture.

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