Apr 5, 2009

Buy It Once Same On You, Buy It Twice........

When something works you usually stay with it. It offers a sense of security from a product or service that these days seem hard to find. So it is no wonder that the same old thing is a good thing. Except when it comes to movies. If you would have told me that you can package the movie with the same stars and the same title and make it the largest grossing movie for the weekend I would say yeah right. But it has happened, why lord why? Fast and Furious was an interesting movie the first time around, to dip into the exact same well for a second time should have been studio suicide. 72 million dollars later it just goes to show that the racing teen movie market is larger than the car buying market buy a long way. I guess it’s good that Paul Walker and Vin can still get work.

Look forward to this trend in movie making to take over with such future titles as Wonderful Life, Top Guns, and Jurassic.

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