Apr 15, 2009

Tax Day, So Charge It

Uncle Sam has once again applied the vise to those late filers today as another tax season ends. It seems that today was filled with excitement and fear as many counted down the hours until the post office closed. However, there was a lot of financial news today that will continue to affect the way of things. Banks have decided to increase credit card percentage rates on cardholders, good and bad. What happened to the good old days when hard working citizens who made timely payments on their homes and credit, were rewarded for the responsible handling of funds? Does this economy really demand that everyone take the brunt of the irresponsible? As a homeowner and credit card holder, it seems slightly unfair that my level of maturity should be punished to help bail out the less organized. All these years, I should have been throwing my credit out the window waiting for a President that would allow me to start over without consequence.

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