Apr 3, 2009

Slow News Day

Some times with being sick this almost odd clarity comes over me. I bask in my illness and allow my mind to just relax. Of course, with that comes some quirky observations. For instance the news day today seems exceptionally slow. The same old economy news is there of course as well as the President traveling to places abroad but surprising for me was the stories involving same sex marriage and the dangers of tobacco. I would bet you would be hard press to find someone from age five on up who does not know the issues on those particular subjects. With the news suffering from lack of interest based on the lack of interest being made in the money department it seems that digging in the sewer for a story is just not that sexy.

We, as a country I mean, need stories that help bring us up out of these trying times. Stories that inspire to achieve great things and help us band together as Americans. Well, okay lets not get crazy but it would nice to see. The last thing an out of work person wants to do is hear about how great someone else is doing. We can all use a little change, both in our pockets as well as our lives.

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