Mar 22, 2009

Tiger Woods vs. Greg Hubbell Jr.

If your were able to hang through the horrible Sunday Morning on CBS you saw a story about elk calling. It started out simple enough. A man with a slightly annoying hobby of making squealing noises through a cut off plastic bat. Hey, who am I to judge. Besides I don't live next to him so what the hell. But then he started to talk about his son Greg Hubbell Jr. and how he was the Tiger Woods of elk calling. Really? Tiger Woods? A man child that shattered world golf records being compared to a kid who blows plastic. Are you serious? But my research into this kid also reveled another ridiculous comparison. Mr Hubbell Jr. was on the Today Show where they compared him to Mozart. Are you kidding me? A six year old sat at a piano and wrote some of the most influential music of all time and he has been demoted to hog caller. This is why our children have astronomical expectations for their lives. You should reach for the stars but keep your feet firmly planted on earth. If he gets a full ride to Arkansas state for beaver calling I will have to think about relocating, to Costa Rica.

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