Mar 21, 2009

Dear Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver

In response to your press release, regarding the comments made on the Tonight Show by the leader of the free world, allow me to interject a few thoughts. While your statements about the affect of words on an individual with special needs was moving and did allow for some self evaluation of behavior, I find myself insulted by you. For years those whom suffer from personal set backs, be it physical or mental, have sought out to be equal. They want nothing more than to blend in with society and live a relatively normal existence. They do this to avoid drawing attention to the fact that they are not the same as everyone else.

Allow me to educate you on being a regular person. We make jokes. We tease and pick on each other everyday to help institute laughter. Laughter, now more then ever, is a way to help lift spirits and unite individuals. Laughter is more than just the best medicine, it is a great equalizer. It allows for everyone in some form or another to feel like they belong to a group of people. People that over look the pettiness of the world and laugh at their own inadequacies. They joke and allow themselves to be joked with. That is what it means to be someone. Words are just words by definition. They do not define you.

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