Mar 23, 2009

Money for Nothing

The country is in a financial free fall. My USA is in debt for close to 1.7 trillion dollars. Does anyone even know what that figure actually means? Or how it will affect the rest of your life? Of course not. Its just a large number that keeps getting bigger. But I keep paying taxes and help with the support of government jobs; jobs that seem to be getting cut. As a tax payer I feel that these job cuts should be voted upon. My uncle worked as a postal worker for years, retired, and has nothing. Now, 3000 people are out of a job thanks to uncle Sam running out of money. Why? Because the money is being used to bail out every rich exec in America that took and took till nothing was left. Well it is my opinion that if the wives of those involved in AIG want to keep their multimillion dollar homes they should get a job.

The hard working man who spent his life building a home for his family is made to suffer in unemployment. His hard work and years of blood, sweat, and tears has led only to ruin. I salute those who spent their lives making America great only to watch it crumble.

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