Mar 30, 2009

Three feet high and rising.

I love the comfort of home just as much as the next guy. There truly is nothing like ending a long hard day by kicking your feet up at your place. For some, that means coming to a place that has been in the family for years or even centuries. Home is a very special thing, but it is not made up of just a structure. Home is the family and ones you love.

Okay, now with that little disclaimer I offer this question, why would you live in a place that relocates your home every year? Natural disasters are truly horrible when they happen in unexpected places and cost property and lives. If you live in an area called "tornado alley" well you might want to investigate why. By placing yourself in harms way you must assume a certain amount of responsibility. People climbing Everest know that there is a high percentage of people who do not make it and they accept that. You can not live in a place where the water level rises above your house at least once a year and go on the news crying that all your stuff got wet. And don't get me started on the ones who are interviewed after the twister has destroyed their house for the third time. Move already people. I happen to know for a fact that there is plenty of areas that never suffer from six foot high water, 100 mile an hour winds, or even ice storms. If you have to bunker your home every year or even reattach the wheels to move it out of the way, rethink your location.

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