Mar 17, 2009

Rant Already huh?

Alright, it seems that many people have emailed wanting the rants to continue. That, even though information about me is interesting, comedy is a must to some. So to help keep my loyal fans happy and to help with sifting through the latest and greatest crap out there the rant has returned (again). And of course there is so much to rant about it might be hard to pick just a couple things, but here it goes.

America's favorite mother will be taking some of her eight babies home today. The newly proclaimed sex free mother of 14 will take these miracles to her new home under the guidance of multiple organizations including CPS. Of course the help from her friends and family will be the most important. Maybe they can help keep an eye on them so she does not have to call 911 in a panic or go out to get a new set of french tips or even better get that quarterly injection of ass into her lips. After all, even though she has sworn off having a relationship/sex with a man does not mean she should let herself go, right? And Dr Phil, for the love of god, stop having her as a guest. I know your ratings have been taking a hit lately but this is not your golden goose.

Apparently if you take four world class athletes, take them out into the middle of the ocean, starve them, dehydrate them, and flip their boat over they will lose their shit. Well lets look at some of the facts that may not come to light. If you add booze and drugs to a fishing party that consists of some crazed out football players, well the Titanic had a better shot of making it to port. I'm sorry for the loss at sea, but boater safety is an issue.

When a man steals from a company he has to pay back the money as part of his sentence. If that finance genius who's up on trial for billions is found guilty will that money be paid back? Chances are, no. Why? It is because if your that rich you can become richer, steal from poor people, go to jail, and still keep the money. I love justice.

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