Jan 6, 2009

Time to Weigh in on the New Year

As with all great American traditions, it is that time again to make those famed (and often common) resolutions. Most of us make the same ones year after year and never follow through. Quite smoking, get a better job, and of course, the most famous lose weight. It is this last one that has me a little upset today. Not that I do not believe in a person changing how they look to feel better. I take issue with the reasons on how one gets there. Losing weight is a simple math equation that most people cannot figure out. If you spend, more calories than you take in then you will lose weight. If you eat the amount of calories needed to maintain weight, you will stay the same. Lastly, if you eat more then you spend you will gain and store the weight. It is just that simple. Yet we (including me) seem to find every excuse on why we became this way. “Oh there is not enough time”, “I can’t eat healthy”, I have a genetic disorder that keeps my weight up. The truth is we lack the discipline to make the needed changes in our lives to be healthy. We cannot seem to put the fork down and exercise more. Even the famous Oprah has joined in to be fit. Which brings me to my rant, if you have billions of dollars why are you heavy? I know that Harpo productions keep you busy and your loss of Steadman is a big blow. However, if you can afford trainers, dietitians, assistants, and god knows what else to keep your ass in line what does an average person like me do to get there? The truth is that you have to find the will deep inside to change who you are. You do not need a trainer or dietitian or even a guru to see you through this trouble times. You are smart enough to know what needs to be done. Get off the couch and do it already. (Please consult your physician before starting any workout program) Oh, wait, that is right, you cannot afford a trip to the doctor so how can you start. Looks like there is just one more excuse you can use.

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