Mar 24, 2009

Laugh it up fuzz ball

I understand nervous laughter. Sometimes at work when bad news has hit someone, a simple inappropriate comment can send the whole room into hysterics. We all know that its poor taste but sometimes the stress overwhelms us. With that in mind I can understand how the President of the United States can laugh at the economy. But is it really the best presentation of a leader on 60 minutes to be mocking the mess we are all in? Probably not. All of us have felt this horrible economy effect us in one way or another. Loss of jobs, upside down mortgages, and decrease in retirement savings have left us looking toward the east for answers. Those answers that only the leaders can provide. With the newest phase of the economic plan being ignited today it removes the element of confidence. Obama was elected with the understanding that he was the new voice of change and leadership. But as with all elected officials, the promise was much greater than the truth. Anyone elected in these tough times would find themselves fighting a potentially unsuccessful battle. Adding insult to injury by publicly laughing at the state of affairs just insults the injury.

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