Mar 25, 2009

If you cant love the one you want, tolerate the one your with.

Its easy to say that you understand your lover. You know the tone in their voice or even the non-verbal body language they exhibit at a party but do you really know them. For a man to understand what a woman really goes through as her body changes is almost next to impossible. Lets be honest, even some women do not fully understand the who, what, when, or why. Hormone changes alone are a reason to work with your partner instead of against her. A monthly cycle can actually last over two weeks long. It may start out as just an uncomfortable feeling that lasts for a week prior to the start all the way up to full blown molten crazy. It can also find you at a loss for words when your lady is, for the most part sane, at the beginning of a conversation then turn into a raving bitch. Just try to remember that it is not her fault (for the most part). And don’t think that men do not have mood swings either. It is just unfortunate that we do not have a nifty little name for it like PMS. Time is never kind to the physical and emotional well being of a relationship. Things sag, fall, drift, stretch, and god knows what else to make our over all appearance change as we age. Keeping that in mind might help you forge a stronger bond with your mate. A connection built with humor, love, trust, and commitment will be a strong bond that will withstand the greatest storms. If you married because your mate was cute, hot, sexy, beautiful, or young then you might have a little surprise coming your way.

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