Jan 5, 2009

The Dark Side of the Jetti

When a parent loses a child, it is the greatest pain this side of bone cancer. There is not a magic pill or enough booze to numb you from that deep ache. For that reason, I offer John Travolta and Kelly Preston my deepest sympathy. They suffered a great loss and should be left alone in their time of grief. However, in today’s TMZ society the need for deep cover-ups and skeleton filled closets has cast a spot light directly at John. Questions are being raised on how they cared for their child, what safety measures were in place to ensure his care, and did they love him enough. What are you peopling thinking? Have you really found such a thirst for gossip that you are willing to rake a suffering father over the coals? Sometimes, in life, accidents just happen. His history of seizure activity can account for him having an injury in the bathroom that took his life. It happens. A close friend of mine had a brother that had a seizure disorder and one day while swimming in a deep mud puddle, he drowns. (He was a young boy.) His mother watched him closely everyday until the one day she did not and he happen to have a life ending accident. It happens. If the media continues to dredge up this horrible event then the true ethical nature in reporting has seen its last day. Edward R. Murrow’s award will have to be given to a young Jedi reporter whom has not yet seen the dark side.

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