Jan 4, 2009

Let 2009 Begin With My Humble Thanks

It would not be the beginning of a new year if I did not start with a first class rant. After a year of filling the internet (and published media) with my indulged greater than thou, thoughts it only seems fitting that I begin this year in my own unique way. After a holiday rant break that was filled with family obligations and self-promotion it is now the time to restart the daily ritual of bitching. Rested up and ready to rant so let us get it started.

Unless you live on the moon you, and everyone you know was affected by the financial down slide that hit a gold brick wall at the end of 2008. The financial lifeline that is the holiday season for most companies left them reaching for empty rainbows. The economy found no comfort in an uncomfortable shopper. Instead of retailers lining their bottom line with the efforts of the hard working American it was in fact the American lining his refrigerator with food. It was Joe Six-pack keeping the lights on for one more month. It was a hockey mom putting a coat on her kid for the winter months. Those were the consumer dollars hard at work. Hard at keeping families alive and functioning. Guess the Gap will have to cut jobs in Indonesia or where ever they outsource the sewing.

Poor Joe Six-pack. Your name has granted you the much sought after fifteen minutes of fame that many seek. Too bad it did bless you with the job you have been credited. Seems that Joe Six-pack (aka Joe the Plumber) was a little unemployed and unlicensed. Guess maybe that was only one example of the McCain Plane spiraling out of control once Sarah jumped on board. You know the difference between a bit bull and a hockey mom. Let me ask you this Sarah, Do you know the difference between a loud mouth dumb governor with a puppet for a husband, and an easy daughter and a catfish? One is offensive and smells and the others a fish. Too bad McCain could survive the horror that is being a POW but could not save himself from his own Political Party.

So many movie stars and singers did so many bad things last year that I have chosen the high road and would like to focus on the best performance last year. Too bad, it was his last. Heath Ledger gave the obsolete best performance of his life in last year’s The Dark Knight. His portrait of the joker will forever be the gold standard in super villains. It is too bad his life was cut so short related to a head cold. His lovely daughter may or may not ever realize how great a performer her father was. My only wish is that she never has to see broke Back Mountain until she can understand it is only acting.

I want to close thanking all of those who continued to follow even when there was nothing to see. Thank you for all of your love and support of dad and I and I hope you will keep reading. Welcome to a brand new year.

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