Sep 10, 2008

Pick'n and a Grinn'n

Well let me start the rant with the recap of my picks for week one in the NFL. Of the 15 games I picked I was right 8 times (5 for the over/under). Now most might say that a fifty percent success rate is not much to brag about, but for me it felt pretty good. Of course I would not go and run off to bet the ranch on my picks. Hopefully this week will yield a better success rate.

This fall is buzzing with the activity of the political contests being held from state to state. What was once fun and cheap entertainment is now just a street by street reminder that too many people are running for these offices. And further more who are half these people. I'm not one to bitch but if you want to be known for your politics hang it out there. Let your voice be heard. Seeing your face on a billboard on the side of the road does very little to get my voting pencil hard. Seeing only your name on a street corner does even less.

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