Aug 28, 2008

Politically Inncorrect

I was working during the beginning of the Democratic convention and only caught bits and pieces. The convention seemed to be filled with the key to the economic and well being of America. That being said I may have to call a little Bull Shit on a couple of statements made by news media personal. First off, the democratic key note speakers may in fact be great Americans. They may be even fair to middle elected officials. But they also have very good speech writers and those witty sayings that seem to flow from their lips are well written comedy lines. If you asked Robin Williams to write a speech for Janet Nobody she too would have the crowd roaring. Granted it is very entertaining and sometimes makes a lot of sense, but lets be fair about it. Also if one more person refers to Obama's wife in reference to Jackie O' I will have to scream out in pain. Jackie was a first lady of class, charm, and elegance that had the grass roots swinging to a new beat. She was Rita Haywood and Diane Keaton all rolled into one. But she was a truly one of a kind individual. To allow such words to be written or spoken about her in reference to a woman whom only claim to fame is she is married to a presidential candidate is blasphemy.

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