Aug 30, 2008

Too many ways this could go bad.

After a long nap and a few snacks I had to think about where I stood with this new John McCain sidestep. I have to admit, after listening to Obama's address at the DNC it made me think twice about his politics and stance on the future of America. He displayed a new poise about him that not only states that he has new vision but also the mind set of having a running mate that he can draw from in regards to some old school political party sense. It drew away from McCain's "years of experience" which was a tactic of personal attack on Obama. His speech made the world listen as well as the millions of voters nation wide. As far as the ones on the fence, I sure he helped pushed them one way or the other for sure. With this great night how on Earth could McCain top this show stopper? Well how about naming a woman for the vice president? Well that was a strong and powerful move. But why not someone that everyone knows and is greatly familiar with? The one from Alaska might be a good simple unknown choice. Politics demands more from a parties front runner. It demands that the person sitting in the passenger seat be someone of stature. But McCain is not stupid by any means. It makes the American people look less at his age and more at the collective ticket. She will become the center of media frenzy that will no longer be focused on an old mans health or mental status but more on his 44 year old running mates political stance and history. This move has made the race for November more historic than before. The league of women voters and the African American vote has reached a mile stone. The glass ceiling is no longer for Hillary to break.

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