Aug 27, 2008

Nicknames for Jim and the Twins

We men have had a daunting task from the moment puberty first began. It was at that moment that an unexplained phenom happens to us. A new and obviously excited appendage emerges between our lower tree stumps. Standing tall in an almost angry fashion, this new creature was to be a huge part of our lives. Well with all that pressure, it seems only right to name it. And boy howdy do we name it. Pinky and the brain, big Jim and the twins, chip and dale, purple headed yogurt slinger, Johny rocket, little soldier, etc, etc, and etc these names seem to change and become more creative every year. The days of simple woody or boner have been upgraded with the times. The most surprising thing to me is that women are more and more involved in this process than I would have thought. And the names they come up with are more descriptive. The name game for ones junk is educational and fun for everyone.

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