Aug 26, 2008

I Miss Cloud Animals

Sitting in traffic on my way to work my mind slips back to a more simpler time. An era when my days were filled less with bills and working and more time was utilized laying on grass fields and gazing up at peaceful cloud pictures. Turtles and dragons, castles and horses filled my gaze as I watched them dance by in an afternoon of nothingness. Aww, a simple time it was with days consisting of just about nothing. The taking for granted the complete waist of time childhood poses is truly a sad state of affairs. Life seems to supersede its self by accumulating more and more responsibility. The act of just sitting and watching it stroll by seems so far out of Vogue that the mere mention of it is insulting to those with better things to do. I wonder where all the cloud animals will go when there are no longer people to enjoy them.

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