Aug 25, 2008

Why Is God In Jail?

The search for religion is a very private and personal quest. The belief in a greater power helps most of us hang on from day to day. Faith, in most cases, has a single figure that is sort of the status symbol for that structure. For Christians it is of course God. The all mighty has been sought after for centuries by a million masses of all types. Flocking to the four corners of the globe to in search of any sign that the great one has returned. And there have been many cases where those believers have seen his left over handy work. Be it a sweaty face print in an old sheet or a crying self statue, many clues to his existence have been strung about the Earth. Like a four year old with a JR CSI kit, those who believe and those whom do not look closely at these events as the voice of God looking to be heard. Well as a true blue skeptic I have found that you need only to examine your locale Death Row to find God. Every man and woman facing 10,000 volts has located and made piece with the man.

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