Jul 28, 2008

When Animals Attack

I hate news articles and stories that make animal attacks out as a great shock, nay, surprise. When a shark takes a bite out of someone off the coast of Australia or when a lion/tiger bites a guys face off it seems to be a great tragedy. The common issue is that your not suppose to be there. The animals know it, but for some reason we humans think we own the damn place. Wild things have been living for years. They may know a thing or two about survival. When you invade their space why do you think it is they attack? The ocean is the sharks world, their space. If you swim out into the water your far game. If you swim on top of a sea ray and place with the tail you may get a stab in the heart. If you place your head into the mouth of a wild animal, well....... Do not blame animals that have instinct rather than logic. And please stop making it national news. Wild things do wild things. Even certain domestic animals will have some wild traits. Buyer beware. A pit bull may rip a small child's face right off someday. Its just the way it is. Assume the risk when dealing with animals and do not look for sympathy of the world when it goes bad. Just means you surf with one arm instead of two.

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