Jul 27, 2008

Learn to Swim

I usually stay out of super sensitive material that may really upset someone. Like those whom have lost a loved one to drowning. This blog may offend you just a little bit. In Arizona there are a lot of pool drownings of small children. Almost every week in the news there is announcement of the latest victim. The one common thread in all these stories is that the parents were in the house or somewhere in the area of the pool during the drowning. So if your near you child when they go into the water and pool area, how are they getting into the water? Well, thanks to accurate news reporting, I have found my common answer, "the child wondered out to the pool". The little two year old made sure that the parent was busy, the older brother was texting his Ho's, and the dog was sleeping before making the move to head out for an afternoon swim. So I guess it is their fault. Two year old is going to have to start taking responsibility for their actions and realize that if no one else is out by the pool then they shouldn't be either. It is not the responsibility of the older adults in the home to monitor the activities of these small children. And to be completely honest I'm a little disappointed in the effort of the two year old. If you can learn how to walk, feed yourself, unlock a back door, remove a safety latch on a pool gate, and get into a pool then swimming seems to be something that should be a piece of cake. Most dogs pick it up really easy and they lick themselves for sport. Of course these are the same individuals that drown in a bucket.

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