Jul 29, 2008

What Flavor is Depression Really?

I wonder what flavor clinical depression would be? Those who run to the ice box when the heat is on will truly understand what I mean. For some, food is the only cure for the common blues. It stands to reason that comfort finds its form in food. I have spoke in the past of certain dishes that make us run back to memories of home and mom. These food groups or items fill the painful soul with temporary relief. But how temporary are we really talking. A good long down spell could put thirty to forty pounds on a person without breaking a sweat. Causing even more sorrow. Food is just a filler for the moment. It changes nothing. Deep emotional pain can be dealt with in many ways and forms. Exercise, yoga, walking, video games, anything that draws away from the problem for even a moment can help. Don't ignore the issue, but take a little mental vacation. Deal with stress in a more healthy way and you will be less likely to cause more in your life. Of course coming from the fat man here, that's funny.

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