Jul 30, 2008

Power in a Last Name

They say it is not who you know but who you blow to get ahead in this world. I would not really believe this too be true. In my heart hard work is still the gold standard for achievement. That blood, sweat, and tears is the price for a great reward. This pie in the sky vision is always thrown against a wall when one name pops up; Tori Spelling. I can't help but wonder if Tori had a last name of Jones or Clarke she would be living in a trailer in East L. A. somewhere. If her daddy was not the biggest name in production at one time she would be a twice divorced baby factory. Which I have to tell you, for my entertainment dollar, would not be a bad place for her to go. But instead of a reality show of what her life might have been, we as a society will be subjected to her latest attempt at Television Ipecac. A show based on her "real life" with new husband and all that that has to offer. OMG. Why on earth would Fox or anyone subject America to this horrible piece? Is it not bad enough that 90210 is returning to prime time? When will the pain end? Okay the truth is that I wish my dad had been a producer so that I would subject everyone to my lack of acting ability. And no matter how much I sucked as a performer they could never fire me. That's job security

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