Jul 13, 2008

There Is No Santa; How PC Killed Christmas

Every once in awhile throughout the year my blood begins to boil at the thought of Christmas coming. Not because I do not like Christmas in fact the truth holds true, I love Christmas. The trees and smells of baking and children being just a little nicer. The air seems cleaner and mankind seem to come together with the one common believe that Santa is coming. The networks and media play the part updating the world of sightings all over the planet. It is the one time of the year that most have a bond that is forsaken the rest of the year. But those days are long now. Thanks to the modern political correct police Christmas has died. Its no longer a Christmas tree, its a holiday tree. You may not greet someone by saying Merry Christmas, it is happy holidays. And you may not take a Christmas vacation, but rather a holiday break. Why? Because it offends those who do not believe in Christ. It makes someone feel as though I am imposing or forcing my thoughts onto them. Well, I guess my response to that is only this. I feel your imposing on my life by not allow me to openly celebrate my holiday. You are restricting my ability to enjoy and make other happy by spreading Christmas cheer during the Christmas Holiday. You have no affected my life with your beliefs. So now you must submit and state to me that your sorry every time you do not say Merry Christmas. I want a written apology every time you refer to it as a Holiday Tree. And last but not least, if I request a Christmas Vacation don't correct me and call it a holiday break. If you do, I want an extra two week paid leave for your sins.

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