Jul 14, 2008

Extreme Balancing, the Home Addition

Understanding what makes a good relationship a great one is something I have never really been good at. It seems that for all the qualities and traits that deem worthiness there are about a million that are completely undesirable. For years science has tried to explain one such trait in women that gets me into trouble more times than not; The Crazy Trait. That one factor that everyone I date seems to posses. Doctors over time have tried to isolate and remove that gene. They give it fancy associations like Hypothyroidism, Premenstrual Syndrome, and Mad Cow Disease. All of which truly do not give it justice. Crazy is an emotional roller coaster of absolute fear and anti-trust. Fear of the unknown, fear of the presumed, and just plain fear of a woman being herself I guess. All of which is projected on to an unsuspecting male subject. Now I know that being a man makes me an easy target for the ladies out there to immediately cast blame on me for something I did, but that only solidifies my point. Was it something I did or something you thought I may do? Woman learn much better then men. Every experience in a woman's life is a life lesson she carries with her for the rest of her days. This is how she learns to feel, trust, love, and handle herself from day to day. This makes her more worldly and definitely more intelligent than the average male. But the real world education has a major draw back, the real world is not a nice place. It is filled with people who want to lie, cheat, and steal just to take advantage of the innocent. The world is a wolf preying every second on the unsuspecting sheep. I believe all women start out pure and full of hope. With their hearts open, they seek out to find happiness. For most, that journey ends in bitterness, pain, suffering, confusion, financial ruin, and possibly some sort of burning rash in the down town area. But it is that fuel that ignites a fire of paranoia, fear, anti-trust, and csi style relationships that usually end up with the other party leaving. I make it well known that I do not deal with crazy. I find that my everyday life is filled with enough drama and self destructive behavior that adding one more life sucking element like crazy is just too much to deal with. But I shouldn't have to either. Its not my fault he left you, cheated on you, beat you, stole your money, lied to you, pulled your hair, killed your cat, got you knocked up, slept with your sister, left you on your wedding day, took your CD collection, gave you the clap, ate the last piece of pie, or even that he wasn't ready for a commitment. I'm too fat to balance on a manic wire that sways that far from left to right.

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