Jul 12, 2008

Skunk Hair

Teenage and young women alike have found a new hair style that has me absolutely at a loss for words. The Skunk Hair. A dye job that makes no sense what so ever. I'm sure you have seen them on the streets, in restaurants, maybe even taking care of your loved on at a hospital the damn thing is everywhere. Dark dye on the sides and underneath and blond or red on the top and in the front. Good money laid to waste so that you can look like a complete idiot. Why not just shave your head like my good friend Brittney and really look like a celebrity. Give yourself that great new look that will really turn heads. We shall call it the cue ball. Yes it will be all the rage and if you don't have the $100 to pay for the stylist, Walmart sells clippers for about twenty bucks. Save time, money, and my lunch from coming back up by doing this today.

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