Jul 11, 2008

For Sale: White Van, No Windows, Great for Family With Children

I always hate turning on the news for fear that the leading story that night will be about a missing child. More and more it seems that children are lured away from families by strangers. The ironic part is that the technology used to find them is also the same used to take them away. The information super highway was created with the intent of bringing information to the masses. A global connection for the world to share information and services. But as most of us already know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The same holds true for the Internet. When good old Al Gore came up with the idea, he should have started thinking about the serious complications. Namely the way it allows anyone in the world (good and bad) to access your home. They come in with only their own interests in mind, be it to help you finance your home or sexually assault your child. Yes the truth be told the majority of the world is either after your money or their body. Experts estimate that over 80% of the world is online in some form or another. With those type of odds it is only a matter of time before your little princess is staring in her own Pam and Tommy video on U Tube. Hard image to swallow, well good. Because as much as it is the predators fault, you are to blame as well. That's right, you, the parent, have just as much responsibility to that child to keep her or him safe. If you allow your computer to be your baby sitter then know that it will lead them and you to dis pare. Some of the first generations of those who were abuse as young children on the Internet are becoming adults. And those adults are all messed up. Unable to hold a normal relationship and a little off center bubble, these people are for ever scared from experiencing the horrific fact of life that someone abused them for pleasure. And that if mom and dad had loved them a little more it would have never happened.

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