Jul 8, 2008

The Running of The Bull

If you were a kid growing up with a grandfather or an uncle chances are you have been regaled with tales of old that may or may not have been embellished just a little bit. Okay, truth be told they were full of crap and exaggerated to the highest level. Simple fishing stories told in the style of Herman Melville, white whale and all. Camping trips that involve your 189 lb uncle single handed wrestled a bear into submission to save his family from certain death. These tales, although complete lies, made up the fabric of my youth. I looked up to my father, grandfathers, even my uncles as absolute gods. They could do anything in the world. Build anything out of simple items and create a whole world for me to enjoy. With time continually marching on these stories make me laugh and allow me to pass on the wit for future generations. Now I do not actually have children. But if I did, I would pass on the same stories that were handed to me. That's the way it works. The way it should be. Cultures have been passing their heritage on through generations not through genes, but through the written and spoken word. Cave paintings, songs, and camp fire tales are the educational key of keeping the past connected to the future. Even though over time the actual details have been skewed, it was the link to the past with your family that was most important. Its often a fine line between wisdom and wit vs bragging and bullshit.

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