Jul 9, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cell phone companies are the modern day organized crime families. They hold you to ridiculous contracts, control your money, and make sure that you don't even think about leaving the family. I wont mention my company by name because I don't want my phone service to get whacked, so I will just say that the sun comes up over the HORIZON. This carrier has been with me for many years now and as a loyal customer certain exceptions should be made. When it comes time for my renewal on my contract, if I don't want to sign a new contract at that time, then I shouldn't have to. But if I want a new phone for free it costs me a two year blood oath. Why? Is the money I spend every month on my bill not enough for you to through me a free phone once in a while? And if I miss my renewal window, whats the big deal? Why keep sending me threat e-mail that I only have a few days to take advantage of your great offer to me? An offer I cant refuse. Well listen here little cell phone company, you may control the world but you don't control me. I will sign up when I want, where I want, and with who I want. And if you keep pushing my button me and my number will go to another company that hopefully you wont take over right away. Sorry Altell for your loss, nothing personal, just business.

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