Jul 7, 2008

No Honor Among Thieves

The modern athlete has come a long ways since the days of old in they way of competitive spirit. Once veered as a great honor, being an athlete is now tarnished with the promise of million dollar endorsements and soda commercials. The boys and girls of youth are no longer looking forward to one day representing our country but rather being the sole Nike representative. High schoolers graduating and running strait to the pro level is absolutely ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, if I was offered a million dollars a game to skip college you can just sign my butt up. But I also look at the bigger picture. The college athlete that has taken a scholarship to attend a major university leaves half way through to play pro ball and allow his future degree to go the way of the winds is in high cotton. But what about the money they waisted on him or her up to that point? Could that money have been used on a real student that might have actually finished a degree and become something with their life? I think those student athletes should have to pay back the money after they make their first million. Just my opinion. Getting back to the point of honor, being someone who is in the spot light as being the best at what they do should always be a position of pride and honor. It should be held in the highest regard for a lifestyle that the youth of America can be encouraged to get behind for the right reasons. When the professionals of the sports community wine and cry about money and lengths of seasons and how they need more money it robs me of my passion for the game. It rapes my soul of the found sports memories I had as a child and replaces them with greed and corruption. Robbing me of the simple pleasure of sitting on my fat butt on a Sunday and watching you earn that money. Dance thief, Dance.

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