Jul 6, 2008

The Rare But Sought After Ten Cent Cup of Coffee

Many years ago a man would walk in to a campsite and was immediately greeted with a cup of coffee. It was hot and black and was lacking in the sweetened or flavorful category. It served a single purpose, to warm the body and keep cow hands awake. As the wheel of time turned the price of coffee rose and is still rising. Leading mankind into a flavored addiction to the java of modern times. Carmel, White Chocolate, even peppermint has taken over that simple black nectar. All for a price, a very steep price. With a cup of coffee ranging from $1.75 to $6.00 it is a wonder any of us drink the stuff. Yet everyday and more and more our generation is drawn to the sweet flavors like ants to a sugar cube. Sweet tooth cattle lined up in SUV's in the morning drive through, awaiting to be branded. "Non-fat tall vanilla latte for Marie." Aw, but to escape one must only give up the Carmel and Vanilla an go to Kalispell Montana where a ten cent cup of coffee of black hot coffee is still just ten cents.

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