Jul 5, 2008

Bill Gates is Retiring, From What I Have No Idea

With the every changing unstable economy, it is no wonder that those who can parachute out on top are doing just that. Leaving the work force with the retirement in hand, they are off to pursue a life of doing as little as possible. But what does it really matter to retire as a multibillion? When Bill Gates announced his intent to step down as CEO of Microsoft my laughter reached epic proportions. With his ever increasing self wealth why the hell not look to the relaxing days of early retirement. I guess the daily grind of having to announce wonderful new product lines and taking over small companies like Yahoo can get to be such a burden. By all means Billy, Take some time off. Enjoy life while you still have a couple of billion dollars to eat on. With the majority of the United States selling children to pay for gas to get to work it seems a slight insulting to those who buy Microsoft products and Services.

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