Jul 24, 2008

Practice What You Preach

Finding myself at a bit of a moral crossroad I may sometimes make rash choices that cause a never ending ripple in the pond of my life. With increasing stress levels related to changes in my life I may have raised my voice to some people that I honor and adore. Okay, raised my voice may be code for yelled like a wild man. In retrospect it might have been for the wrong reasons. I may allowed my emotions to get the better of me and create a great havoc in my life. The question is how do you repair a self inflicted wound? And more important how do I fix the relationships that sank during the tidal wave? Words can not all ways take back hurtful words. Communication is a deadly and damaging weapon that has no antidote. It cuts quick and usually is lethal on contact. Sometimes it would actually hurt less to be hit by an actual dictionary then receive a few harsh words from it. Harsh words launched from the lips of a loved one, that probably didn't mean them, can kill. Is saying sorry and allow forgiveness really the band aide that makes it all better? Lets face facts. Letting that go is never easy. And admitting that you were wrong is never easy. But erasing a long past over a 15 minute mistake is completely ridiculous. When people become close over long periods of time a short period of unrest can not and should not end a love and respect that deep. Families sometimes fight. They argue and hurt each other but at the end of the day they are still family. Friendships are just extended family ties. Sometimes there are fights and sometimes there is pain. Letting a mistake take that away just makes the pain last that much longer.

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