Jul 25, 2008

Losing the American Language

Language is just like sports or any other communal activity, it takes practice. Practice in how to communicate with those in your world everyday without f'n it up. But you have to make the effort to learn and use the great tool of verbal exchange to strengthen relationships. For many of us this act has gone the way of technology. The simple process of picking up the phone to call your friend has found itself replaced with text messages. E-mails have replaced the smell of ink and paper with a slight scent from the sender to electronic lifeless reading. Time is being saved with these simple communications but what is the overall cost? How do you act in the company of others? With me being a single guy living alone I find myself very uncomfortable in social settings and that is ever increasing as time goes on. But that was not always the case. The former life of the party is now the meek wall flower. I blame my cell phone. It seems that in order for me to express myself to others it has to be in the form of short text. Interactions among mankind is vital for its survival, but no one seems to really care about that anymore. We work from home when we can, we text all the time (even on family vacations), and we have to look on the net for our news. Even black jack dealers are going to electronic dealers. We want to seclude ourselves from the world to protect against pain. That protection is coming at a great price. The loss of a connection between one human to another.

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