Jul 23, 2008

I Write Crap, Pure Crap. But It's Entertaining

I was recently asked what type of things do I write about. What form a literature do I hold dear. This is question is very easy to answer. I write crap. Crap that may or may not be insightful. It might not even make sense at times. But sometimes confused silliness is entertaining and that matters. Every year thousands of publications come out with either a great epic story or some sort of factual event that makes you think way too much. Newspapers are full of stories of death and destruction, magazines are full of entertainer life, and books are hit and miss. So why not have something that is quick, mindless, and yet entertaining? Enter my writing. Sure it is solely based on my opinion and for the most part a collection of random irritants, but it makes a few people smile for just a moment. (Not all of them know me either.) I write to take my attention off of some of the events that surround my life. Real things that consume me everyday. Things that suck the life right out of me. But every once in a while a escape to this key board and hammer out some sort of gibberish to draw away from reality. Silly? Not really healthy? Well I didn't ask now did I? What I do want to do is keep doing it for years to come. Who knows, maybe even make a little money at it someday. Please keep reading my crap and laugh a little.

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