Jul 31, 2008

God Bless the Busy Mother

With the everyday hustle and bustle it is no wonder that women are often plagued with forgetting things or rather miss placing them. It is not a lack of intelligence but rather a simple mental overload of tasks and errands. The most common of these mishaps is the forgetting of the purse or hand bag in the car, usually with the keys in it. This harmless and simple little forgetfulness is truly just a simple fact of life. Sometimes we require too many tasks of you ladies and its just too much to remember. The problem with this is that most children are not just fancy handbags that you wear like little suburban decorations. They are little tiny humans that need your help to get out of the car. It boggles my mind on how people can forget a tiny child in a car seat in the back of a car at 107 degrees. With myself being without a child, I can only compare this to my dog. If my poor dog was in the back seat and I was leaving the car he would be right with me. Leaving a living creature in a oven is just plain inhuman. Hitler did a little human cooking and look what it got him.

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