Jul 26, 2008

The Doctor Privilege

Privilege is an amazing thing. Only the privileged can grant privileges. Is that not an interesting concept. In your everyday life, how would it be if the other employees in your field of work determined whether or not you are allowed to play in their sandbox? When doctors file for a license in a new state they are granted through a board of other doctors. Seems like a harmless procedure and you would think that it would be very secured and scrutinized. Yet those doctors coming into the state usually left their home state for a reason. Like killing someone or raping a patient or even dealing in drugs. But that shouldn't deny them working here right? I mean you would be able to get a job if you had charges brought against you for dealing drugs or murder. You as an average American citizen could find gainful employment anywhere with that sort of record. Yeah right. You would be lucky to be allowed to move to the state without some sort of filing and legal hassle that just would not make it worth it. But god bless those life saving doctors that can move about the country, state to state, finding new lives to ruin. If you have too many accidents on a driving license you loose it. A medical license how ever is a free pass to get away with just about anything. Wish I was smart instead of good looking.

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