Jul 16, 2008

Death Heals All Pain

When our love ones face that final curtain call, it seems that pain makes its center stage appearance. Pain from an illness, pain of the potential loss, and pain from the past ignites into an intolerable rash. The absolution of death makes for an easy cleansing of ones tarnished soul. Making open the skeletons' closet may be the correct thing to do for the living, but those entering the great beyond might not want to know all the little dark secrets of the past. A father might not want to hear that his little angel's nickname in high school was backseat Becky or a grandmother might sleep well for all eternity without the knowledge of her son's boyfriend. The clearing of the past is strictly a confession of those whom will still have to face themselves in the mirror everyday. This act of sheer selfishness only causes those whom are dieing one last uncomfortable thought before death. I only hope that when my time is on the horizon that my love ones let me think everything is just fine and dandy.

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