Jul 2, 2008

The Dog Of Old Needs Groomed

Men of ancient times use to sit in the caves at night and hunt by day, all the while growing excessive amounts of hair. Hair that was dirty, thick, long, and dark with the sole purpose of keeping the inner man warm. An acceptable look given the era and much desirable by the lady cave persons, or maybe not noting the fact that the caveman died. (And the reason for that is a debate for a much later date.) As time marches on I feel that man hair has a very confusing future. I do know that a lot of women are on the fence about hair and its appropriate location on the male body. For some facial hair is a very desirable trait, be it a goatee or a full beard they like their man with a little scruff and ruff. Others prefer a clean cut man, soft clean skin with a very kissable surface. Which leads to the hair on a mans head often ending in the same debate. As long as there is some, most women are happy. Granted there are those few that think bald is sexy, hair on the roof is still a must for most. Long, short, spike, whatever the style the only stipulation is that it be clean. The greasy hair days of old seem to be taboo anymore. Of course chest hair, despite the current swimmer body up rise, is still something real women like to run their fingers through while laying with that special man. Back hair how ever is never acceptable and should be killed at the root. Last but not least in the hair debate is the lower half of the body. A word about the hair on legs and around the manhood. Leg hair should never be removed unless it is related to your work or sports. I don't care how much and how thick it is, leave your legs alone. Now this next part gets a little tricky. Groin hair has been allowed to get way out of control on guys. The early days of porn gave the wrong idea to men that they can just let it go, but I'm here to tell you that's a negative. Men, you want your ladies to have the hair maintained on them yet you feel you do not have to return the favor. Wrong. Trim, shave, wax, do whatever to keep that hair under control. The little known two facts about doing this is that your lover will thank you and you might just look a little bigger. Win Win.

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