Jul 3, 2008

The Warmth Of Home, Away From Home

Life is an interesting creature. It seems to this inate desire to return to its place of origin. Now as everyone knows, the physics of that are simply impossible but it doesn't decrease the disire to try. So we search our whole lives for that feeling. That warm safe feeling of being home. A home where your never unloved or without protection from the storm of life. As time progresses it seems we drift further and further away from that warmth. Our lives become so consumed the people we once were are lost forever. So how do we return to that home? Well lucky for us the senses are a great way to remind us of happier times. Smells, tastes, sights, even touch can help recall great memories. Call it comfort foods or the fetal position, we all have something we like to revert back to as an adult that reminds us of the happy days. For myself it is, sadly for the waist line, food. Some of my greatest memories of father and mother are sitting around a table of food talking. It was the only time we presented and actually seemed to be a family. Food and closeness fills my heart and my stomach. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, mac and cheese, and of course ham were all great memories of mine. And of course my one food that I run to, Chinese. As a child we would have these weekend trips to Hoodriver Oregon to a little Chinese place on a hill that served family style and we would all order something we liked and shared the rest. But we did it as a family.

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Marie said...

Im glad my memories of home include you now. Thanks for being my family.


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