Jun 23, 2008

A Great Visionary Has Gone The Way Of A Failing Heart

On Sunday, the world lost a great man of vision. George Carlin left this world just as he entered it; in pain. Along the path of his great life was a journey that very few agreed with but everyone could smile at. He made us look deep into the dumb things people do everyday and ask the question, "what the hell were you thinking?" His vulgar approach to all things made most uncomfortable yet allowed us all to stand on one common ground. That place of equality was being human. He wanted everyone to know that whether you were a multimillionaire or just bob the local street sweeper your crap came out the same way. As an actor his characters always brought a little levity to any situation. Mr Carlin I would simply like to say thank you for the seven words your not allowed to say on TV. They may have landed you in jail for a brief period of time, but it also solidified your place in comic history.

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