Jun 24, 2008

Wanted: Anyone With a Lack of General Talent to Host Afternoon TV Show

Okay, I will admit that to a degree my pride must allow me the desire to be a host of a day time talk show. We as a nation observe everyday the greats like Oprah and Ellen whom give out millions of dollars. And with that generosity, warmth fills our every emptying souls. Also we observe Montel and Maury help find fathers for children creating families brought together with the help of some good old fashion DNA testing. Do I really believe that I have the Television presence to compete with these greats? Who knows. But I sure as hell would have to do a better job than Rachael Ray. Where on the Lord's green earth did we dig up this house keeping reject? Her voice sounds as though she should have stuck to lolly pops instead of Newport's, her hair needs less product and more water, and she writes books on every topic she doesn't know. Would someone please stop her? Its like Martha Stewart and Barbara Streisand had a love child with the single purpose of controlling the minds of trailer trash everywhere. Wheres Susan Powter? Stop the insanity!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are so right.
Susan Powter would be perfect. She's back online talking about having a show too. Check it out, susanpowteronline.com


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