Jun 22, 2008

Oil Crunch Will Not Affect Monday Night Oil Wrestling At Jiggles

As the summer travel season hits its full stride with a bit of a limp, news from our "friends" in the middle east may just help us out of this fuel pinch. Saudi Arabia has announced its intent to increase oil production. But wait, stop the press, when did this new development take place? Is news and information in Arabia still being transmitted and distributed via camel? I find it a little difficult to believe that this is without some sort of undermining in the state department. Maybe a little trip east sparked this new desire to help, but shouldn't this have taken place months ago. Why now do the powers that be seem to have a pressing urgency to save the world from this fuel crisis? Would it have anything to do with a president approval rating of less than thirty percent? A last ditch effort to save a much dieing administration seems a little futile. But could it even go further? Could this search for resources be for the Bush or the Republicans? Is This how the party plans to make a new found run on the white house? Seems to be a good foundation to set up a new house.

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