Jun 6, 2008

Come on Baby Light My Fire

Of Moths and men which do you think is actually the more faithful species? If you guessed moths your right, but do you know why? When a moth has a light or some sort of glowing interest it will keep after it until its exhausted and then go some more. This constant need to pursue the light is instinctual and the moth is powerless to avoid it. But when the moth finds total darkness in his life he just sits and waits for the next light to turn on. He does this for many reasons. Self preservation is one. Danger is lurking in the darkness for a moth. Some of their biggest predators wait for them to move in the darkness so that they may feed on them one at a time. So moths try to be smart and stay still when not being entertained. Well for some unexplainable reason men do not share that common sense mechanism that helps keep they moth butt out of danger. In a relationship a man has to be constantly pursuing the light. His attention must always be on a heighten state to keep his focus on the flame at home. This constant need to chase gives us a sense of being or self I guess that makes having you worth while. When that flame goes out, even for a second, me aren't smart enough to stay still in the room and wait for you to strike the match. Oh, no. We look down the hall for another light source. Fair? Not really. See it doesn't take much to keep our interest peaked, but you must do something. And we do notice the little things more than you give us credit for. Keeping the light on for us isn't as hard as it seems. And in the worst case scenario you could always ask us what we would like from this relationship to get ideas to help put some fuel on that fire. If you ask our desires and fantasies trust me, you will get a response. Just be a little open minded to them.

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