Jun 7, 2008

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With the summer here the air is filled with wonderful news. Tis the season for weddings, babies, and new movies. All of which can easily be the fix to a blue mood. Well you would think so. As a single guy I can tell you that weddings are like rectal exams. Your invited to go, you really should go, you go, its 30 minutes of pain and anxiety, then you pay for it. For those of you who know me, this isn't me just hating on weddings. It is more of a realization that with the modern economy the expense of a ceremony just seems like a poor utilization of funds. Take a third of that money, run off to the islands and get married. You can easily take the left over account money and use it towards the first year of being a couple. Friends and family will still send gifts and want pictures so you will not feel cheated. But they to will have a little extra cash in the pocket and thus be happier with your union.

The results of the successful weddings of last year will start to appear this summer season as well. That's right, those little bundles of joy that are immediate evidence of a couples love for each other will be popping out all over the place. With this I feel sorry for the expectant mothers to be in the summer time. Some might know that a woman who is pregnant not only gains weight but also has her core body temperature rise several degrees. Making her a walking fireplace. When you add the suns summer rays to that equation it makes for one hot and uncomfortable woman. So for those people getting married right now with the intention of having kids right away I suggest hitting the long ball so the baby is born in early spring. The other upside for the mother is she can drink during the summer fun holidays (memorial day, fourth of July, labor day).

The last thing is the summer movie season, which is my personal favorite. But this year has so far just been a flash back of my teen years. Hollywood has officially gotten so lazy that it can't seem to put together anything new. Rambo, Indiana Jones, The Mummy, and beginning talks of Beverly Hills Cop 4 have made me wonder what the hell. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of movies that are new coming out, but I want some of my favorite actors to start relying on their talents not drawing from a well that dried up years ago. That just makes me Blue.

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